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Join the Reboot Team!

Reboot is a people accelerator for leveling up your skills for a changing world. Based in the Flatiron District of New York City, Reboot is an educational community: We bring the best of hackathons, coding bootcamps, and coworking to new learning experiences which open you to challenge, incite growth, and level up your skills while asserting space for play. We bring lifelong learning to Generation Flux.

As defined by Fast Company, “Generation Flux is a ‘mindset that embraces instability, that tolerates — and even enjoys — recalibrating careers, business models and assumptions.’” Are you someone who can anticipate and embrace change? If so, come join us as we expand our team and community!

The Reboot Ambassador role is an immersive way for you to match your skills and passion with the growth of the Reboot community. Ambassadors contribute 10 hours every week in exchange for free access to the Reboot Coding Bootcamp

Ambassadors will be expected to work on-site on tasks related to:

  • events promotion – sharing Reboot events on social media and with your networks
  • events support – setting up before events, breaking down after, checking people in, etc.
  • community engagement – answering questions about Reboot programs/events 

Since you’ll be a face of Reboot, we’re excited to work with people who are looking to find a place in the always evolving New York tech community. People working on their own startups and projects are especially welcome.

Every Ambassador will contribute in their own way to the Reboot community, but we expect all Ambassadors to offer:


  • A positive, professional, get-stuff-done attitude
  • Availability on at least one weekday evening
  • A minimum three-month commitment
  • A willingness to speak to interesting people you don’t know

If you can do that, please click HERE to fill out the short application and email if you have any questions.

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