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Coding Bootcamp

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Reboot Coding Bootcamp Starts April 3rd


Application deadline March 31st

qLabs 16 West 22nd Street Floor 6


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One month part-time coding intensive with career mentorship. Scholarships available for those who qualify.

What will I Learn?

The Reboot Coding Bootcamp is a new and different way for you to learn how to code. Designed specifically for people like you who understand the value learning code has for your career but need the flexibility of a part-time, hybrid (online/in-person) format. Using a design thinking approach, you’ll build an actual working website and learn the basics of frontend and backend web development by understanding the developer mindset.

About the Bootcamp: The Reboot program sets you up to learn any coding language, build a career as a developer, or liaison effectively with a development team, maximizing your career options without breaking the bank. Students will learn by building a real-world project for non-profits who are in need of a new website. So students get the skills they need while helping others.

The bootcamp covers:

  • HTML, CSS and website design
  • Backend versus frontend development
  • Logic basics with JavaScript and PHP
  • Building a WordPress theme from scratch.
  • How to find, recruit, and speak competently to developers as well as manage a team.
  • Understanding how to think like a programmer so that you can future-proof your career.

What to bring:

  • Please bring your computer (Mac preferred).

What’s next? After this class you will:

  • Have built a basic website
  • Understand how the landscape of web development as well as how to find and managed developers
  • Be better prepared for technology changes in the future.

Who is this class for?

The Freelancer

You’re ready to add web developer into your toolkit and need to understand the process inside and out. You want to master the inner workings of the web and up your rates by offering your clients even more value.

The Manager

You work with developers or want to. You need to understand the technical jargon in order to communicate with your team. You’re ready to up your salary by improving your current workflow or switch from your current role into a new working in tech.

The Life-long Learner

You’re a life-long learner. You are assessing your options and looking for where to go next. Maybe you’re unhappy with your current job and looking for what’s next. You’re not defeated. You’re ready to step up to the plate and find out what’s next.

About the Community

qLabs is Quotidian ventures’ collaborative workspace for startups looking for a place to build up, grow out, and make an impact.

Reboot is a coeducation and skillsharing community where nyc tech insiders help others to level up. We bring the best of hackathons, coding bootcamps, and coworking to new learning experiences which open you to challenge, incite growth, and level up your skills while asserting space for play.


What a beautiful space!

What a beautiful space! Great open layout that you would expect in a co-working space, but the lighting, rich colors, and furniture makes it feel like it was meant for an RL store – love it!

Nate is a natural speaker

and he is also one of those teachers that leaves lots of room for questions and discussion, which ensures that each student takes away some personalized piece of information.

It was very quaint

I really enjoyed this class. It was very quaint and allowed for great conversation amongst the attendees as well as the instructor (Nate). In addition, Nate was very informative. He provided a wealth of information regarding the subject, tools etc. I wish the class was longer. Looking forward to attending another one of Nate’s classes soon. Thank you! – Christina M.

Learn in a small group with an expert mentor.

Work in a small group. Get special attention. On-going mentorship after the class. Request a consultation to find out if coding is right for you.

About the Instructor

Nate Cooper, WordPress Expert

Nate CooperNate Cooper is a writer and consultant in New York City. After working in marketing at Apple Inc, Nate has established himself within the New York tech and entrepreneurial community writing on the subject of business strategy. Nate is “deeply embedded in the New York tech scene, giving practical and insightful advice..” Forbes 2012. His writing has appeared in Mashable and his book Build Your Own Website: A Comic Guide to HTML, CSS and WordPress has been a bestseller in Programming: CSS books on

Nate is just a really excellent communicator. His ability to take a sophisticated piece of information and make it digestible is why people love working with him. He’s knows a lot, yet he’s never made me feel inexperienced.

Stanley Joseph

User Experience Designer, Shazam app

Nate is smart, approachable, future-focused, and is not afraid to think big, take bold action, and deliver on a deadline.


Jim Hopkinson

Director of Courses, Mirasee

Nate has really great analogies that make it much easier to understand how everything works and works together.

Michelle F.

Took WordPress class with Nate

Nate has an ability to translate computer-speak into English, which, along with patience and empathy for his students, makes the grueling work of wrapping one’s head around unfamiliar and complex ideas more bearable, and even fun.

Jill Peterson

Co-Director, Public Displays of Affection

Nate is passionate, motivated, inspiring, skilled, and is always renewing himself as a professional. Unfortunately, not too many people have that passion and this sets him apart from others I’ve worked with.


Kathy Bueno

High School teacher , New York City

Nate is very user friendly. By that I mean open to questions at all times. He also asks what you would like out of the class which helps ensure that all or most needs are met. Very personable.

G. B. Smith

Took WordPress class with Nate

Reboot your career by leveling up your skillset.

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