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NYC Coding Bootcamp for Media & Marketing Professionals

Reboot Coding Bootcamp

25 West 39th St (at 6th Ave) in NYC

Next cohort starts Fall 2017

Two-month part-time coding intensive with career mentorship.

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As the class progresses the classes get more challenging. Reboot is extremely beginner friendly. There was a wide range of learners. It’s also about being part of a community and that’s a big plus.

Diane H

Project Manager, Website Diane built in class

It’s an intensive overview. It broadened my horizon and opened my field. It got me building again. I had lost interest but Reboot got me going again. Being able to talk to knowledgeable people in the industry who will you get off in the right direction.


Designer, manager, Website Yasmin built in class

This has given me something to aim for. I’ve been wanting to do this for years. I’m someone who’s wants to create but there was a bit of a disconnect between what I was able to communicate to developers. Now I can do my own work and take some of the ideas I’ve had and create something.

David Simpson

Designer, Freelancer, Midway through class

I needed the basics and what I need to know about the basics. I want more freedom. This class is for people who are willing to take things apart and problem-solve. I took this class because I wanted to get my feet wet, I wanna go in the right direction. It felt like we could ask anything. It didn’t matter how obscure the question was.

Sara Harvey

Journalist, Website Sara built in class

For people who are interested in getting into the New York Tech scene, it’s really great and it gives you a lot of real tangible results. It was a lot to go through but it was welcoming and the teachers were really attentive. The teachers went above and beyond to help.

Esther M.

Financial Services, Website Esther built in class

What is Reboot?

The Reboot Coding Bootcamp is a new and different way for you to learn how to code. Designed specifically for people like you who understand the value learning code has for your career but need the flexibility of a part-time, hybrid (online/in-person) format. Using a design thinking approach, you’ll build an actual working website and learn the basics of frontend and backend web development by understanding the developer mindset.

The Reboot program sets you up to learn any coding language, build a career as a developer, or liaison effectively with a development team, maximizing your career options without breaking the bank. Students will learn by building a real-world project for non-profits who are in need of a new website. So students get the skills they need while helping others.

What will I learn?

HTML/CSS and Website Design

HTML5 and CSS3 are current standards for web front end. We’ll bring you up to speed with what’s needed to build a modern website. Learn the basics or update your previous skills. Using modern web standards you’ll build a basic web page on day one. This includes getting to know industry standard software for code editing as well as tools the pros use to speed up development. We’ll discuss what to do as well as what not to do when building a website. You’ll also learn reference sources to boost your skills and keep you up-to-date within your career.

Back End versus Front End Development

Moving quickly from front end development, we’ll look at the server, databases, and the basics of building a web app. You’ll understand what a server is, what it does, and how to set it up and manage it. Using industry standards such as MySQL and PHP, we’ll look at how to build a template that pulls information from the back end. You’ll learn the basics of server-side scripting. We’ll also learn and understand the setup and customization of content management systems including WordPress.

Logic basics with JavaScript and PHP

Using JavaScript on the the front end and then moving onto the backend with PHP, we’ll look at the logic that goes into learning to code including conditionals, variables, functions, and more. You’ll learn the ropes of front end scripting and interaction with jQuery. Then you’ll learn how to use PHP on the back end to pull information information using MySQL. These concepts are fundamental to a basic understanding of computer science. Through practice exercises and then on a live project you’ll discover what it takes to get the developer’s mindset.

Building a WordPress Site from Scratch

WordPress powers over a quarter of all websites on the web today. This makes it ideal for a diverse set of projects from blogging to magazine and membership sites as well as ecommerce sites. Using our knowledge of the server, we’ll look at how WordPress works from the ground up. We’ll build a WordPress site using a pre-existing theme then we’ll look at what it takes to modify that theme. You’ll learn what a child theme is and how to build one. Then using Bootstrap, we’ll build a theme from scratch and understand the mechanics of how WordPress fits together. These industry-standard skills will help you raise your rates and to better communicate with full stack developers.

How to find, recruit, and speak competently to developers and manage a team

One of the best ways to learn effective communication is to learn by doing. Getting experience with navigating servers, understanding databases, and learning to code will help you understand the possibilities and the limitations of projects. Learn how to scope your project timelines. Understand what goes into building a project end to end including wireframing, mockups, and information architecture. We’ll discuss the fundamentals of staging a project as well as how to work with clients and end users effectively.

Understand how to think like a programmer so that you can future-proof your career

More important than learning any one language or syntax is understanding the developer mindset. How a developer goes about setting up and solving problems is far more useful to your career longterm. That means getting comfortable with error detection, learning the tricks of the pros, and finding resources on your own so that you set yourself up for your career after the class. Becoming a lifelong learner means adopting a growth mindset. Don’t wait to take the next step in your career. Join Reboot Coding Bootcamp to learn how to iterate and build the career you want using Design Thinking.


What to Bring

You’ll need to bring a laptop to class. (Mac preferred but not required)


No pre-work is required, though you will be encouraged to use platforms like Codecademy to reinforce class exercises. If you have a basic understanding of HTML/CSS and or JavaScript you should be set for this class. If you don’t, that’s just fine we’ll be covering these topics in-depth during the class.


The full bootcamp is ten weeks total. In the first five weeks students meet in person evenings 6:30pm to 9:30pm. During the second five weeks, students will work on a project for a non-profit and will be able to schedule time with the instructor and TAs online on an adhoc basis. The student is expected to participate for 10 hours each week during the entire ten weeks of the class. In the second half of the class, the student’s time is self-directed so the time commitment in flexible. They can meet as a group or individually to work on their projects.

The cost of the full bootcamp is $2900 and requires a $500 deposit upon acceptance to the program. There are payment options available through our tuition partner TFC. If you have any questions please setup a call to speak with us.

Scholarships & Payment Plans

TFC Tuition provides payment plans for eligible students. There may be a fee associated with breaking up payments. Scholarships are available depending on needs. We aim to make these skills available to those in need.

We offer automatic scholarships to women of color and underrepresented groups in tech. Read more here.

Please set up a call if you’d like to inquire about tuition or scholarships.

Why take this class? What will I get out of it?

What do I get from this class?

You’ve been reading everywhere that coding skills are your way of unlocking the jobs of the future. With Reboot you learn the hard skills of coding and the soft skills of managing a real world project. By building a project for a non-profit you get the experience of working on a real project while helping an organization in need. There are over 600 WordPress related jobs posted every week on sites like Indeed. Don’t be left behind in the technological future. Level up today. Reboot saves you money. Compared to other coding bootcamps, we offer a personalized, customized approach to our students and are able to pass down the savings to you. That means you get all the quality of a large bootcamp that might cost you $15,000+ but at a lower cost and flexible commitment.

Who is this class for?

The Freelancer

You’re ready to add web developer into your toolkit and need to understand the process inside and out. You want to master the inner workings of the web and up your rates by offering your clients even more value.

The Manager

You work with developers or want to. You need to understand the technical jargon in order to communicate with your team. You’re ready to up your salary by improving your current workflow or switch from your current role into a new working in tech.

The Life-long Learner

You’re a life-long learner. You are assessing your options and looking for where to go next. Maybe you’re unhappy with your current job and looking for what’s next. You’re not defeated. You’re ready to step up to the plate and find out what’s next.

Learn in a small group with an expert mentor.

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What our students are saying…

About the Instructor

Nate Cooper, WordPress Expert

Nate CooperNate Cooper is a writer and consultant in New York City. After working in marketing at Apple Inc, Nate has established himself within the New York tech and entrepreneurial community writing on the subject of business strategy. Nate is “deeply embedded in the New York tech scene, giving practical and insightful advice..” Forbes 2012. His writing has appeared in Mashable and his book Build Your Own Website: A Comic Guide to HTML, CSS and WordPress has been a bestseller in Programming: CSS books on

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